Blog : The Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

The Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

The Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

Blog Author: eSparse Matrix Solutions
Posted on: 04-11-2022

The Top 5 CRM Software for Small Businesses

Growth is the main obstacle for small businesses. And by growth, we mean greater visibility, more clients, professionals, and—most importantly—revenue. And as is widely known, a lot needs to happen when working toward this progress. One of the most important is that your company's organizational processes and workflows need to be optimized in order for all operations to be successful. When that happens, small businesses start to see the importance of CRM software.

eSparse Matrix Solutions will focus on 5 of the top CRM tools for small businesses in this blog post. However, let's first examine the functionalities of CRM software.


CRM Software: Three Key Benefits

1. Keeps track of your contacts

Your contacts should come first, hence the name CRM (or Customer Relationship Management). You should have a system in place for efficiently organizing customer data as your company's customer base expands. Additionally, this clear-cut perspective of your relationships will make it easier for you to manage sales operations.

2. Provides sales data

By using numerous data, such as calls made and deals booked, CRMs assist you in maintaining an overview of sales success. The management of your pipeline is great with this.

3. Identify consumer segments

The focus of today's digital marketers and sales teams is customer segmentation. This is helpful for dividing prospects into several groups, such as deal size, geography, and more, in addition to personalization efforts. As a result, this segmentation helps your sales team to narrow its emphasis.


Considerations when purchasing small business CRM software



Taking time off to learn a new, complicated platform is not an exciting concept if you're running a small business or lean startup. Simpleness and usability should be the deciding elements; the ideal platform should be easy to use, intuitive, and provide quick access to and understanding of information.


You're probably not following a manual as a small business; instead, you're doing things your own. So that you may customise CRM software to your own business demands, we advise checking for customization features. It's especially useful if you're operating in new region to be able to change contact and opportunity fields, among other components.


Automating repetitive duties will free up more time for you to focus on meaningful, intellectually interesting work. There should be automation possibilities for data entry, client emails and follow-ups, and information field updating.

customer service

You most likely don't have a separate IT department. This calls for you to ensure that the CRM you select is supported by an excellent customer care team, one that will be available to reduce the learning curve of the system, respond to any persistent inquiries, and swiftly fix technical issues.

Reasonable prices

For SMBs and startups looking for CRM systems, cost clearly makes or breaks the deal. When there aren't many people available to help, you want to be sure that every money you spend is worthwhile. 


The best CRM software


1. eSparse CRM

eSparse CRM software creates new tasks for your team. Automate everything from appointment reminders to follow-up emails by putting your calendar online. With complete contact views, deal tracks, real-time DATA, and other features, you can achieve a significantly higher ROI. In the Sales CRM, the contact timeline contains all of the relevant details about the customer's progress

eSparse CRM Key Features:

  • Contact Management
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • User Roles & Profiles
  • Importing leads from Excel
  • Sales Quotations
  • Reporting



2. Hubspot

A version of HubSpot's CRM software that is great is quite popular with small enterprises. The program covers all of the fundamental capabilities offered by CRM software, enabling you to keep tabs on business operations and manage contacts, company profiles, deals, and other data in a thorough dashboard.



3. Salesmate CRM

You can expedite the sales process and give customers a customized experience with Salesmate CRM. Effectively manage your contacts and maintain tabs on all associated sales activities. Additionally, you may use this tool to conduct email campaigns, and once you hit "send," you'll be able to track what happens to your emails. Small businesses value flexibility and scalability, and Salesmate is aware of these requirements. Prospect and lead engagement, sales pipeline and activity tracking, sales automation, and sequences, among other capabilities, are some of the software's distinctive features.



4. Zoho

Even though Zoho is on our list of enterprise-grade applications, small businesses can also use it because of the range of available editions. In terms of sales/marketing tools, Zoho has a lot to offer. These include lead scoring, sales signals (including pop-up notifications regarding leads), website visitor tracking, and more. Although some of the most cutting-edge features are only available in professional and enterprise editions, bear this in mind.



5. Salesforce

One of the biggest and most popular CRM services offered is called SalesForce. Fortunately, SalesForce offers a trial version called Lightning Essentials for smaller companies. An advanced contact manager with email integration and follow-up reminders is offered by this package to the user. There are also numerous options for customization and integration.




A small business CRM software should be chosen before you grow into a large organization.

We believe we've demonstrated the huge benefits of adopting CRM software for your company. The five platforms listed in this blog post are excellent for startups and small businesses.

We offer you eSparse CRM with top-notch features.

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