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HRMS stands for Human Resource Management System

HRMS is a software system that is used to hire, train, manage, evaluate, and keep track of all personnel (Human Resource) in a company. HRMS software is also known as HRIS, or Human Resource Information System, in some circumstances.

Employee management has gotten more intricate and tough as the complexity and competition of business has increased. Employees have higher expectations of their employers, while employers have higher expectations of their workers. A good strategy to manage employee expectations as well as their productivity is necessary to accomplish the utmost in each scenario.

Below are simple explanations of the 10 most frequent modules, organized by HR function, along with their important characteristics.

The following are the most common HRMS Software modules:

1. Recruitment Management

A recruiting module should handle company's internal/EXTERNAL Job Posting and authorization processes, as well as allowing managers and HR to publish adverts and accompanying documents online, follow applicants, and even do preliminary sorting. There may also be capability for creating talented employees that can be 'searched' for appropriate people when a vacancy arises.

The following are some of the most common features seen in recruiting modules:

  • Job Posts Creation for External/Internal Vacancy
  • Multiple Job Posts and Description on One Click
  • Assessment methods that are automated, including interview scheduling
  • Tracking of candidates
  • For candidate profiles, standard metrics and analytics are used.
  • Management of digital offers

 2. Onboarding Management

When you've hired your new employees, you'll need to walk them through your company's onboarding and orientation processes. This procedure could be automated, which would relieve both management and HR staff of a large amount of work:

The following are some of the most common features seen in on boarding modules:

  • Preparation for the first day
  • Setting up proper staff records
  • Information about the firm and important employees is provided.
  • Meetings are automatically planned
  • Setting goals as a baseline for the probationary period

3. Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service is a module that allows workers to have more control over their duties, job profiles, and corporate information. It enables employees to control their own calendars and activities in order to maximize their productivity. This reduces the amount of effort that the company's HR staff has to perform.

The following are some of the features of an Employee Self-Service Software system:

  • Personal files of employees are managed online.
  • The ability to see and print the leave and attendance calendars and schedules
  • Managers' ability to communicate with their workers
  • Leave requests, claims, and workflow are all routed through an online portal.
  • Grievance management and online help desk
  • Forms and policies from the firm are accessible.
  • Online social interactions such as birthdays and polls
  • Information on the family and dependents (if any)
  • Information about your medical history and insurance coverage

4. Performance management

This module should include your rating system, job norms and/or other applicable systems in order to automate the evaluation process, as well as record and monitor objectives and targets.

The following are some of the most common characteristics found in performance management modules:

  • Setting and accomplishing goals
  • Assessment tool connections
  • Meetings for appraisals are scheduled.
  • 360-degree feedback tools for ‘in-the-moment' input
  • Wide Data collection for a more comprehensive view of individual performance

5. Leave management

The leave management module automates the process of booking, approving, tracking, and monitoring Leave of Employees. Holidays, compassionate causes, illness, family leave, and even jury duty are all possibilities. Request and approval procedures should be expedited, and the results should be included into team schedules as needed.

  • Easy-to-use online leave applications
  • Employees at all levels can check their leave balance.
  • Option to seek a cancellation as well as an extension
  • online approval rights by HOD and HR department

6. Time & Attendance Management

Employee task recording on a time-line becomes much easier, quicker, and more accurate using HRMS Timesheet Management. The system keeps track of each employee's time and provides timesheets with start and finish timings for each job. HRMS Timesheet is a useful Time Tracking program that keeps track of normal working hours, payroll, overtime, and off-time payments.

The following are some of the most common characteristics seen in time and attendance modules:

  • Attendance monitoring in the workplace
  • Management of the time clock
  • Face Recognition System

7. Workforce management

This has a significant impact on the organization's scheduling. This module cannot function independently and must be connected to another system. When the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) are integrated to the module, it makes better meaning

The following are some of the most common characteristics found in workforce management modules:

  • Shift scheduling and management
  • Monitoring the flow of work
  • Dashboard for management with real-time insights


Individual training, reservations, prerequisites, and comments are all managed using this module. The program also automates the allocation of funding and the real training costs. 

Here are a few of the key features this module offers.

  • All training data will be centralized.
  • It's simple to arrange training sessions, tests, and assignments.
  • Reduces the cost of training
  • complete transparency into the training process
  • Recommendations for training based on job, skill set, and career goals
  • Individualized learning strategies for each user

9. Travel Management

Employees can use this module to request business work travels. Also important for HR teams, who may plan ahead of time.

The following are some of the most important features of using Corporate Travel Management in an HRMS:

  • Employees can use an online request system to seek leave and have their trip plans approved.
  • Requests may be approved quickly and easily using an online system.
  • Calculator to help you plan your travel budget.
  • Calculator and generator of budgets
  • The method for storing travel policies is organized by type.

10. Payroll Management 

An HRMS's Payroll Management enables businesses to construct formulae for calculating an individual employee salary. Human error, which has become all too typical in these sorts of calculations, is considerably reduced as a result of this.

Some of the fundamental characteristics include:

  • Equations generator and structure solution that is simple to use
  • Employees are classified according to their pay grade.
  • Calculator for income taxes with quick formula creation
  • Estimated taxes and deductions
  • Creating and configuring pay slips
  • Repayments and loans management

HR components in HR Management, Talent Management, and Payroll Processing are used in the ESPARSE cloud-based HRMS  & Payroll system. It may be scaled to match the changing needs of your business. The platform may be acquired as a whole or by individual modules, depending on your requirements. ERP systems, insurance carriers, payroll processors, business intelligence program, and mobile devices may all be interconnected.

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