Blog : The Top 10 Travel Websites in India

The Top 10 Travel Websites in India

The Top 10 Travel Websites in India

Blog Author: eSparse Matrix Solutions
Posted on: 21-10-2022

The Top 10 Travel Websites in India


There's no denying that we have been travelling for ages, hasn't there?

We can unwind, revive, and renew our minds and body when we visit new areas. The deathly fear of waiting in long lines at airports and for a long time to pick up rental cars, however, comes along with travelling. Online travel websites and applications have grown in popularity recently as a means of simplifying this process and providing you with the finest travel experience possible.

It is undeniable that these web platforms have made our lives simpler. It's simple and convenient to purchase rail and aeroplane tickets. What else? Even the top hotels in the location of your trip can be researched online. You may read the reviews, take a virtual tour, and reserve them for the lowest prices.

In India, there are several different travel websites. However, the top 10 travel websites in India are shown below. These websites are all user-friendly and have top-notch features.


1. MakeMyTrip

Are you open to travelling within the country? Or are you trying to get the finest offers for an unusual vacation in Europe?

Your one-stop shop for all of your itinerary's activities is MakeMyTrip!

MMT is a well-known travel website in India. MakeMyTrip never stops capturing its audience's hearts with its top-notch services.

By putting purchases, hotel and flight bookings, etc. at your fingertips, the platform fully controls your vacation experience!

Then what? In order to give its consumers a lavish vacation experience, MakeMyTrip also offers them special holiday deals.

Website: MakeMyTrip


2. Goibibo

They are one of the top suppliers of airline tickets as well as one of the biggest hotel aggregators. They are one of the trustworthy portals that offer safe and dependable services to travellers looking for excellent and affordable travel offers. They provide fantastic discounts on lodging, transportation, and travel. They have a fantastic payback programme called GoCash in place. Users may profit

Utilize GoCash through recommendations to pay for travel and lodging. Users can book their plans and offers through the website or mobile app.

Website: Goibibo


3. Paytm

Paytm is much more than simply an online wallet. We have a lot of options thanks to Paytm, which also makes travelling simple. It offers us several specials, discounts, and coupon coupons for both domestic and foreign travel. Through the Paytm app or website, you can also reserve bus and hotel accommodations in addition to flights. They have partnered with IRCTC to make it easier for us to book train bookings, as well. They offer fantastic deals and cashback, lowering the actual cost.

Website: Paytm


4. Cleartrip

offering a range of services including hotel reservations, bookings for flights and trains, and different types of vacation packages for both India and the Gulf region. They are easily accessible via their website or a mobile app. Additionally, they assist with booking train tickets via the official Indian Railways channel. One of their hallmark offerings is Cleartrip Local, which makes it simple to reserve one-of-a-kind experiences in the location you're visiting. They also offer affordable rates for last-minute hotel reservations.

Website: Cleartrip


5. Yatra

They provide a wide range of services and take care of all of our travel requirements. In order to meet the demands of travellers, Yatra offers us services including domestic and international flight ticketing, hotel reservations, homestays, vacation packages, bus and train tickets, and auxiliary services. They are incredibly well-liked on the domestic tour circuit and have received numerous honours for it. On its website and mobile app, Yatra constantly has fantastic cashback offers running. They also provide fantastic savings on tickets and packages.

Website: Yatra


6. EaseMyTrip

EaseMyTrip has established itself as one of the top providers of airline tickets in the market when it comes to purchasing flights. They are one of the largest suppliers of corporate travel solutions because they have a significant number of travel agents connected to them. On their website, you can quickly find active discounts and cashback offers that are available at all times. They feature a special Deal of the Day section where you may find lightning deals that are available for just one day. Discounted bus, rail, and hotel deals are also available via EaseMyTrip.

Website: EaseMyTrip


7., one of the largest global hotel aggregators, also offers houses, apartments, and other distinctive places to live. On their website, igloos are even listed. has always worked to simplify travel by offering the greatest lodging choices. On their website, they consistently provide savings on a wide range of housing options, including apartments, 5-star luxury resorts, and family-run B&Bs.

Therefore, keep these websites in mind anytime you try to book a flight or a vacation package to take advantage of some of the best discounts and bargains and save money. These sites rank among the most popular portals and offer some of the best discounts.



8. OYO Rooms

This is a screenshot of the Oyo Hotels website's home page. OYO has quickly risen to prominence as one of India's leading travel portals. It basically provides inexpensive lodging in a number of different nations throughout the world.

The largest hotel chain in India, known simply as OYO, operates in more than 200 locations. With locations in the US, Malaysia, and the UAE, this hotel company is a major player on the global stage.

OYO offers accommodations and travel services, acting as a one-stop shop for tourists. The platform provides comprehensive details on accommodations, extras, deals, and payment methods.

More than 7500 hotels in India are currently available on the marketplace, all at the most competitive rates. One of the top hotel and travel websites in India is now OYO.

Therefore, use OYO Rooms to book the top hotels whenever you want and wherever you are for a truly memorable experience.

Website: OYO Rooms


9. Via

Formerly known as, Via is an internet travel agency with headquarters in Bangalore. Four founders launched it in a little garage in Jayanagar in 2006.

By 2007, NEA Indo-US Ventures had invested $5 million in it. They were able to grow beyond providing aviation services thanks to this. At the moment, Via's network spans more than 1,000,000 partners in roughly 10,000 locations worldwide.

In terms of booking hotels, organised tours, business travel, and other travel-related services, Via is a market leader. Via's crew manages the portal admirably with the aid of their mobile app, website, and 24-hour customer support.

Website: Via


10. Ixigo

Ixigo is a wonderful travel website that is located in India. Ixigo is a well-known Indian website for booking travel that provides users with amazing travel options. Through Ixigo, customers may look up and compare current offers on airfare, lodging, trains, and buses. The software works with more than 100 travel websites and instantly provides its consumers with the desired outcomes! More than 170 million users use the company's services actively. You may therefore compare prices on Ixigo and find the greatest offers for travel expenses.

Website: Ixigo


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