Blog : 20+ CRM Facts You Should Know in 2021 to Develop Your Business

20+ CRM Facts You Should Know in 2021 to Develop Your Business

20+ CRM Facts You Should Know in 2021 to Develop Your Business

Blog Author: Nafisa
Posted on: 20-05-2021

Customers are your top priority in your business. The most important aspect of running a profitable company is maintaining positive client relationships. CRM software is a big help in this situation. CRM Software is useful to have as part of the activities. CRM helps a company execute all of these tasks smoothly and successfully, from sales and customer support to hiring, promotion, and corporate growth.

CRM is forecast to generate more than $80 billion in sales by 2025, according to studies.

If you just want to see what the results of CRM software are? You have arrived at the appropriate location. This insightful blog post on CRM statistics will assist you in 2021 in better understanding and making a decision on CRM apps.

Some interesting facts about Sales CRM:

  1. Just 12% of companies used cloud-based CRM in 2008; the number has now risen to 87 %
  2. CRM is now used by 91% of US companies with more than 10 employees.
  3. The CRM industry is predicted to grow to $113.46 billion by 2027. (Source: Fortune Business Insights, 2020)
  4. CRM is a critical tool in meeting sales targets, according to 92 % of businesses. (Source: Super Office, 2021)
  5. According to 55% of sales experts, ease of use is the most critical aspect of CRM applications. (Source: Super Office, 2021)
  6. The use of mobile CRM boosted the efficiency of 50 % of sales teams (Source: Martech Zone, 2020)
  7. Mobile CRM is now considered a mainstream tool for tapping into a company's consumer base, according to 61% of businesses.  (Source: SuperOffice, 2020)
  8. According to a survey conducted by Atlanta-based Company Innoppl, 65 % of sales professionals who use mobile CRM exceeded their quota.  (Source:, 2019)
  9. A CRM will boost conversation rates by up to 300 %.  (Source: VARStreet, 2020)
  10. CRM-enabled businesses raised their revenue outlook by 42%.  (Source: VARStreet, 2020)
  11. In 2017, the global healthcare CRM industry was worth $7.27 billion, and by 2026, it is expected to be worth $28.89 billion. (Source: Business Wire)
  12. Customer receptivity and satisfaction ratings rise by 47 % when CRM is used. (Source: Capterra)
  13. CRM applications can help boost revenue by up to 29%, sales productivity by up to 34%, and sales forecast accuracy by up to 42%. (Source: Salesforce)
  14. By 2020, 45% of businesses would have invested in AI to improve CRM efforts. (Source: Avavya)
  15. More than 150,000 businesses use Salesforce (Source: Salesforce)
  16. CRM is now used by 91% of businesses with more than 11 employees.
  17. Companies that effectively use CRM have seen a 29 percent increase in sales. (Source: SalesForce)
  18. Within the first five years in operation, 65 percent of businesses implement a CRM system. (Source: Capterra)
  19. This year, one of the top sales targets for 48 percent of businesses is to improve their CRM sales funnel. (Source: Adam Enfroy)
  20. CRM platform is used widely by 46 percent of sales teams.
  21. Salesforce has the largest share of the CRM market. (Source: Gartner)
  22. CRM is also undervalued by a large number of businesses.(Source: Hubspot)
  23. On the market, there are 379 CRM systems.(Source: G2)
  24. CRM software is most popular among service and IT businesses.(Source: SelectHub)
  25. In 2017, the global healthcare CRM industry was worth $7.27 billion, and by 2026, it is expected to be worth $28.89 billion. (Source: Business Wire)
  26. 22% of salespeople have no idea what a customer relationship management system (CRM) is. (Source: Hubspot)
  27. A CRM isn't seen by 40% of salespeople. Instead, they use spreadsheets and emails to store sensitive customer information. (Source: Hubspot)
  28. In 2021, 87 percent of companies will use a cloud-based CRM system for various computers such as notebooks, desktops, smartphones, and tablets. This figure was 12% in 2008, as companies favoured on-premise solutions. (Source:Software Advice)


All of these figures and studies point to Sales CRM 2021.Thirty-one percent of businesses believe it's more difficult to engage various stakeholders/decision-makers in a purchasing process now than it was a few years earlier. This CRM statistics are crucial because they have crucial facts that the organization will use to make the best decision in 2021.

2020 is the Year of the Client, but if you don't have a CRM in effect by 2021, you'll be outside the loop. The purchase of a CRM tool reflects a company's desire to keep customers, increase efficiencies, and improve the consumer experience and service. It's time to give your staff and clients the tools they need to succeed with an Omni channel, multi-market approach that keeps you ahead of the competition.

What is CRM?

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software allows companies to monitor and handle all of their customer experiences in one place. Your client details would be scattered and impossible to monitor without a proper CRM system, which is why Esparse Matrix Solutions Pvt Ltd created Esparse CRM Software for CRM Sales and Service.

Esparse Matrix Solutions Private Limited created a customer experience tool that is next-generation. If managing sales and customer relations is proving difficult, it's time to update to Esparse CRM software.


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