ERP for School and College

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Why eSparse School ERP?

A school ERP is a collection of computer instructions, specially designed to manage the day-to-day administrative tasks of schools. School management software allow schools to digitally monitor the daily activities along with managing all the resources and information on a single platform.

In contemporary, most of schools are using school managements software to increase efficiency, productivity, and hence saving a lot of time involved to carry out various administrative operations.

Our Modules

School ERP which includes everything your institution will ever need!

Admission Management
  • Admission Inquiry
  • Admission Form
  • Converting an inquiry into a confirmation
  • Direct Connection with Student Management
  • Configurable with a platform for online admission

Student Management
  • Student profile with photos
  • Family and guardian details
  • Document uploading capability
  • Data import and bulk upload capabilities
  • Auto roll number generation
  • Inbuilt ID card

Attendance Management
  • Attendance by subject
  • Day-by-day attendance
  • Daily, monthly, and annual attendance reports
  • Absentee SMS alerts
  • Percentage attendance

Fees Management
  • Advanced fee setup for various fee categories with deposits
  • Student-specific concessions/additions
  • Auto fee receipt generation
  • Auto SMS warning on payment
  • Mapping with Account

Timetable Management
  • Alerts for Overlapping timetable
  • Student timetables
  • Teacher timetables

  • Update regular classwork
  • Assign assignments
  • Organize lesson plans
  • Schedule syllabuses
  • Update completed lessons

Event & Activity Management
  • School calendar
  • Upcoming events/activities
  • Registration facility
  • User-defined colour scheme
  • Integration of mobile apps

Health Management Data
  • Predefined health check-up template
  • Customize health check-up template
  • Report significant irregularities
  • Manage health check-up data
  • Student health track records Map of vaccines

Student Assessment
  • All board patterns are supported (CBSE, ICSE, IB and state board)
  • Exam and grade converter in one
  • Statistical, map, and graphical data
  • Fully user defined mark-sheet generator with inbuilt designs

Human Resource
  • Handle employees from recruitment to retirement
  • Store basic, medical, work, statutory, and contact information
  • Bulk data upload capability
  • Inbuilt employee ID card
  • Detailed employee report

Employee Leave Management
  • Define the type of leave
  • Leave settings by grade
  • Employee leave form with applicable leave
  • Leave approval process
  • Employee leave report
  • Employee monthly attendance report

Payroll Management
  • Define different payrolls for various departments
  • Employee payroll slip
  • Annual and monthly payroll reports
  • Auto estimate for dependent fee heads
  • PF and Tax deduction

  • Student Strength
  • Attendance status
  • Class strength report
  • New admission register report
  • Leave out students report

Transport Management
  • Make a route with a pick-up and drop-off point.
  • The ability to handle one-way transportation with flexibility
  • Automatic integration with the fee module
  • Route-by-route student report
  • Pickup-point-by-pickup-point student list report

Library Management
  • Define rule for book issue
  • Class wise book allocation
  • Book reservation facilities
  • Manage book due
  • Bar code incorporation for fast monitoring
  • Library reports

Hostel Management
  • Handle several hostels
  • Identify room types and charges
  • Quick room availability search
  • Fee module integration
  • Hostel reports

Organization Stock Management
  • Create a store and a product category
  • Create a vendor list and contact information
  • Create a safety stock warning
  • Buy stock items
  • Consume stock items
  • Issues and return stock
  • Create a stock transportation report


The benefits of sPARSE school/College ERP are unlimited. The ERP's user interface is an adventure in and of itself. To ensure the implementation and maintenance of each module, the ERP's modules are interconnected but separate.

Zero Maintenance Charges

Our team manages and maintains Sparse School ERP, so you don't have to worry about protection or software upgrades, which are released on a regular basis.

BEST UI Design

One of our main goals was to streamline the user experience and simply make "things really work." The software is moved out of the way by the simple UI and quick navigation, allowing you to concentrate on your job.

Easily Accessible

Sparse School/College ERP is web-based, making it easy to access at any time. It's available on both mobile and desktop.

Customizable and flexible

Sparse School/College ERP modules are adaptable and customizable to your institution's specific needs, making it a dynamic solution.

Fast and Easy Implementation

Implementing Sparse School/College ERP is quick and easy thanks to its parameter-driven, rule-based architecture, making it one of the fastest ERP implementations available.

Key Benefits of Sparse School/College ERP

Cloud Based ERP

Sparse School/College ERP is a cloud-based solution that provides cloud storage that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and on any device, removing the need for schools to invest in and maintain expensive infrastructure and servers, reducing overall costs.

Real Time Data Availability

Parents and school officials will access real-time tracking data on students and school transportation. During pickup and drop, parents receive SMS updates with the time and place.

24/7 Support Team

Our customer service team is always available to answer your questions and assist your organization.

Private and Secure Data

Sparse School/College ERP was created with our users' privacy and protection in mind, ensuring that all activities conducted through Sparse School/College ERP remain on Sparse School/College ERP. We never share your information with third parties, and our teams are constantly working to keep you and your information secure.