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Esparse CRM software creates new tasks for your team. Automate everything from appointment reminders to follow-up emails by putting your calendar online. With complete contact views, deal tracks, real-time DATA, and other features, you can achieve a significantly higher ROI. In the Sales CRM, the contact timeline contains all of the relevant details about the customer's progress

Esparse CRM Key Features

Contact Management

Manage your clients, prospects, and vendors, as well as all of your contacts and follow-up activities.

Sales Pipeline Management

Keep track of the sales leads and prioritise them in the sales process.


With a single click, create detailed management information reports.

Sales Quotations

Create quotes based on your business opportunities and deliver them to your clients directly.

Importing leads from Excel

Can you have a large amount of data to import? You can conveniently import data using our bulk import function by simply importing an excel file.

User Roles & Profiles

You will control which users in your company have access to which data and fields. You have full control of what things they can see and what decisions they can take.


Simple to use

In just a few minutes, you will be fully operational with this CRM software. Fill the queue phases of offers, naming them after phases in the sales process.

Focus on your activities

Esparse CRM allows you to concentrate on the steps that lead to it. Schedule calls, texts and Esparse Sales CRM will tell you what to focus on.

Make better decisions

Create custom dashboards to monitor the data that is most important to the business.

Increase the performance

For quicker customers processing, submit, process, and accept time and expenses at any time and from any place.

Develop a sense of trust

Quickly and conveniently share quotations, deals, and scheduling details.

Day-to-day preparation

Plan all of the company teams' workdays. As a result, they will focus on doing better, growing their effectiveness.

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